Geraint Griffiths



Brian Burns. Guitar, harmonica, vocals.

Steve Dunachie. Violin, viola, mandolin, vocals.
Randy MacDonald. Flutes, percussion, vocals.
Bob McFarland. String bass, mandolin, vocals.
Geraint Griffiths. Guitar, 5 string banjo, vocals.

Limbotrol were an acoustic band doing a mixture of covers and original material. Based in South London, they toured extensively in England and Scotland from 1972 until about 1974, playing mainly folk venues. In spite of Island Records showing interest, they never did release any recordings and leave only demos to posterity. Around 1974 they metamorphosed in to an electric outfit called Boots, initially using Texan drummer Art Damm, and later replacing him with Welsh man Charli Britton. Boots gigged only in South London, and again left only demos.


Dave Bott. Keyboards, vocals.

Charli Britton. Drums, vocals.
Bob McFarland. Bass, vocals.
Geraint Griffiths. Guitar, vocals.


Butty called themselves an Anglo-Welsh band, and did some gigs in the South London area, mainly at the Half Moon in Putney. Doing covers of Robbie Robertson songs (THE BAND), and some original stuff. When Bob McFarland left to resume his medical career, he was replaced by Pete Armitage, and the band recorded some demos of original songs. This was a time when Charli was also playing drums for Welsh language band Edward H Dafis. Geraint was also playing guitar with EHD occasionally during visits back home to Wales. He played on the first LP, Hen Ffordd Gymreig, and on Sneb Yn Becso Dam. When EHD disbanded, Charli and Geraint were recruited to form the short lived Injaroc.


Charli Britton. Drums.
Hefin Elis. Guitar, vocals.
Endaf Emlyn. Guitar, vocals.
John Griffiths. Bass, vocals.
Cleif Harpwood. Vocals, purcussion.
Caryl Parry Jones. Keyboards, vocals.
Sioned +Mair Vocals.
Geraint Griffiths. Guitar, pedal steel, vocals.


  Injaroc played only thirteen gigs in the time that they were togeather, about eight months. They left behind them one album, Halen Y Ddaear. Charli, Hefin, Cleif and John went back to the seductive arms of a re-formed Edward H. Dafis, Caryl and Sioned went on to pursue their individual careers, and Endaf and Geraint after flirting with the notion of forming a band together, and recording a television spot as a duo, went on to form Jip and Eliffant respectively.


John Davies. Guitar, vocals.

Euros Lewis. Keyboards, vocals.
Colin Owen. Drums.
Clive Richards. Bass, vocals.
Geraint Griffiths Guitar, vocals.

   Eliffant, were together for nearly seven years, and gigged extensively throughout Wales in the late seventies and early eighties. This was at the time when the Welsh language music scene was at its height. They played original material, and were generally thought of as a kind of New Wave Rock band. They built one of the first 2k P.A. rigs to be used in the Welsh language scene, and enjoyed playing LOUD! With the above line-up they recorded two albums, M.O.M. and Gwin Y Gwan. They also recorded a single on the M.A.C.Y.M. label, finding its way on to cafe and pub jukeboxes. Eliffant were voted the best rock band by the readers of the pop/youth magazine Sgrech, in the first competition held in 1979. Colin Owen was replaced by drummer Gordon Jones, and the band recorded a single, Ti Yw’r Unig Un I Mi / Tywyllwch on their own label, Llef.


Myfyr Isaac  Gitars and Backing vocals.
Graham Land. Drums and percussion.
Chris Childs. Basses.
Graham Smart. Keyboards.
Geraint Griffiths Vocals.


Chris Winter, who played saxophones, keyboards and sang backing vocals. Toni Carroll and Linda Jenkins regularly sang backing vocals for Geraint on stage as well as on record.


Geraint Davies Guitar, vocals.
John Griffiths Bass, vocals.
Geraint Griffiths Guitar, vocals.

The band came together as a 'Saturday band' just to play and sing (and have a pub lunch). They eventually performed all over Wales, did some television and radio shows and recorded a CD, Clwb Dydd Sadwrn, which was released in 2007. In gigs, they were sometimes joined by Myfyr Isaac on guitar and Geraint Cynan on keyboards.

School Bands

THE UNDECIDED. ( Summer of '65 ) and THE DREAM TIME PEOPLE                

John Davies. Bass.
Mike McCarthy. Vocals.
Phil Murphy. Drums
Keith Williams. Lead Guitar.
Geraint Griffiths.  Rhythm Guitar & Vocals.


 This band formed in May 1965 in Cwmafan near Port Talbot, Glamorgan, Wales. The members knew each other mainly through school, although not the same school. The first gig was on July 1st at the Pontrhydyfen Youth Club. Six more followed either at the Pontrhydyfen Youth Club or at the Y.W.C.A. in Cwmafan. At the first gig the bass, rhythm guitar and vocals went through the same amp! The equipment slowly improved but not by much. Initially the material was R&B standards and Rolling Stones covers, but later  Geraint introduced early Donovan and Byrds songs. The band lasted that summer and then, just as a local agent seemed prepaired to take them on, they disbanded. No recordings nor photographs survive. Geraint and John Davies went on to form a Saturday rehearsal band, no name was decided upon, but The Dream Time People was considered. It sounded OK in the autumn of 65.They were:


John Davies. Guitar & Vocals. (Not of Eliffant)
Hefin Ellis Twelve String Guitar & Vocals.
Darrell Watkins. Vocals.
Geraint Griffiths. Guitar & Vocals.


 Later they were joined by John Griffiths on bass. They did mainly Byrds, Beatles and Who songs. They all loved to sing harmony, and this Saturday club was great preparation for their future musical endevours. Hefin Ellis, (now Elis) and John Griffiths played in Edward H. Dafis, and later went on to play with Geraint in Injaroc.


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