Geraint Griffiths

Hewl Ni Yw'r Dyfodol - sengl Donegal Glastir Miya-Jima Clwb Dydd Sadwrn Havana


Geraint Griffiths has been a singer-songwriter, session musician and recording artist since 1973. He was born in Pontrhydyfen, in the county of Glamorganshire, Wales, into a Welsh speaking musical family. Over the years he has lived in Cardiff and London, but has now settled in Carmarthen, south west Wales. He was a member of several bands as a vocalist and guitarist from the age of fourteen and started writing his own songs at about the same time. His first band was The Undecided, formed in 1965. He then moved to London where he was a member of several bands in the early seventies - Limbotrol, Boots and Butty. His first Welsh language recordings was as a session musician with Edward H Dafis, Hergest and on the recording of the rock opera Nia Ben Aur. In 1976 he returned to Wales to join ex-members of Edward H, Sidan and the singer-song writer Endaf Emlyn to form Injaroc. The funk rock band lasted for twelve months leaving one album, Halen Y Ddaear. With three ex-members of the rock band Chwys, Geraint formed Eliffant. He was the lead singer and sole songwriter. Eliffant stayed together for almost seven years, recording two albums, MOM and Gwin Y Gwan and two singles. In 1984 Geraint started his solo recording career with the LP Madras which was followed by Rebel and Ararat

He started his professional career in 1985 with his own six part television music series, Nol Ar Y Stryd (Back On The Street). Geraint was also one of the three soloists on the Welsh language version of Young Messiah, Teilwng Yw’r Oen, the film version being repeated regularly on S4C. The CD is still popular, almost 25 years later. He is described in Sain Record’s catalogue as “Wales’ foremost rock singer”. Most of his recording work and all of the above albums were on the Sain label. 

He is familiar to S4C viewers, having presented children’s programmes like Ffalabalam, Ty Chwith and Dicwm Dacwm, and acted in several drama series, such as   Pobol Y Cwm, Pris Y Farchnad, Darn O Dir, Con Passionate and the series for Welsh learners, Talk About Welsh. He has acted in television films including Y Cloc, Derfydd Aur, Fel Dail Ar Bren, The Proposition and Dirgelwch Yr Ogof. He is also a radio actor, appearing in long running soaps like Ponty and Rhydeglwys on Radio Cymru and A Small Country on Radio 4 .

 In 1992 he started his own record label, Diwedd Y Gwt. He released his first Diwedd Y Gwt album, Donegal, on cassette initially, and in 1998 re-released it on CD. Hewl, was released in 1999, GLASTIR  in 2001, Miya-Jima in 2005, Clwb Dydd Sadwrn in 2007 and Havana, also in 2007. He has also produced records for other artists as well as for himself, like Dylan Davies' CD - Y Daith (2002) and Geraint Davies' CD - Geraint Davies (2007).

His latest recording, from his studio in Carmarthen, is the six track 'EP' Brooklyn in 2017. Brooklyn is available for download on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

Havana, Miya-Jima, Glastir and Donegal are now available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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