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 The story doesn't begin or end with Thomas Griffiths the weaver but he is the heart of it for me, I found it very exciting to think that we had a weaver in the family; plenty of farmers, colliers, blacksmiths, stone masons, shepherds for sure, now all of a sudden, weavers! The Griffiths family also had a miller and publican! The Evans family has quakers and a 'Squire' in the ranks. The Phillips family has teachers and a 'Vice Principal of Exeter College'. The Jones family has a wedding in Clifton near Bristol, England. The Nicholas family has puddlers and shoemakers.

I've written a tale or two, as you can see, from the available information.  I enjoyed putting meat on the bare-bones as it were.

I hope that seeing all this stuff will jog someone's memory, if you have any information or comments please let me know. By the way, the picture of the little window that appears on these pages is a photograph of the window on the right as you enter the grain mill in Felindre. I imagine young William Griffiths (WG2) gazing through this window on rainy days. He'd see the road that leads out of the village to the big world beyond.

Best wishes, Geraint.

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'Diwedd y Gwt', which is the address of this site, is Welsh for - 'End of the Line'. It was what my father and his family would say before delivering the punch-line to a story! I thought it an appropriate title. It's pronounced: "dew-weather-goot". Diwedd Y Gwt is also the name of my record label.

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